Here we are thinking that distraction is a modern invention brought on by too much exposure to electronic devices.


According to Caskata, distraction has been a human failing for quite some time, as they note in the description of their set of four appetizer plates from the Toile Tales collection:


“Drawn from the archives of the Williamsburg Foundation, this appetizer plate tells the story of the follies of distraction. Look closely and you’ll see the humorous mishaps of days gone by. Contemporary in composition, they’re as pretty as they are clever, perfect for serving appetizers or dessert in timeless blue and white style.”



Here, the gentleman nearby calls the lady while her child hides away.





In this vignette, while the shepherd dallies with this lady love, a bird carries off a sheep.





In this one, I take that the gentleman caller has snuck up this lady from his boat anchored at shore. If someone sees something else, please enlighten me!





Lastly, we have a child valiantly trying to rescue a sheep from a wolf while the adult male allows his attention to linger on the scantily clad woman of his dreams.




You will note distraction back in the 18th century appears to have been the old-fashioned kind: dalliance and romance. Do you think people had more fun back then, or just fewer options?

Speaking of the beauty of romance, who can resist the allure of peonies?


Not me, that’s for sure.



In keeping with the intense blue of this historical pattern (more a flow blue, really), I selected a chinoiserie jar napkin to coordinate.



The modern appetizer plates sit on top of a vintage blue shell edge salad plate by Wedgwood, which in turn is supported by a dinner plate in the Jewel pattern by Spode.



A Juliska Berry and Thread water goblet lends a textured note without taking up much visual space.



Thanks for stopping by on this rainy Sunday.



I leave you with a photo from the beach yesterday. Look who is getting sooooo big! Spencer weighed in at 31.4 lbs and Marigold at 26.4 when they had their final shots this week. They have no problem flying up and down the stairs at the beach now. Spencer reminds me of a teenage boy at present—all legs and appetite. Marigold bosses him around like nobody’s business; it’s a testament to his good nature that he takes it very calmly.


They sit immediately if treats are in the offing; the pups are much quicker about it than Churchill. He still waits to see if he can get away with standing.



Uh, no. Nice try, though.



Enjoy your week, all!