Our bedside clock got a jump on us. Maybe it thinks 2023 is a leap year because, unbeknownst to me, it moved itself ahead overnight on Friday. I rose Saturday morning at what I thought was 4:45 am, ridiculously early enough as it was. My decaffeinated brain did not register the discrepancy until after I’d fed the dogs and settled at my computer with a steaming cup of coffee. What? Is it 4 am? How can that be? The dogs were ecstatic (we can’t believe she fed us so early!); I was less so. But I used the time profitably and made great progress on The Cathedral Project; Mary Plumstead and I are getting very close to launching. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Now, onto today’s table, shot outside in the unflatteringly bright sunshine of mid-day, the only time it’s warm enough to linger in these early spring days. I’ll take it, regardless.

There were two inspirations for this table. The first was the cheerful floral napkins in shades of purple and pink.

The second was this little enamelled honey pot by Tupton, featuring pansies in typically plummy shades. There is something so homely and soothing about it. Long-time readers know I’m a big fan of lidded containers—tureens, soup bowls and the like; I have a small collection of honey pots, both vintage and modern.

It’s too early here for pansies, so I gathered some tulips and hyacinths from Trader Joe’s and a couple of pots of early lavender, which I will coddle indoors until I can put them into the garden.

Deep purple Colette water glasses and dessert plates from Juliska added a further splash of colour. Sadly, they’re both discontinued, but Replacements seems to have quite a few of the glasses in stock (at the price they’re fetching, I should have invested in those – yikes).

The dinner plate is Jewel by Spode. That pattern had a good 50-year run—from 1925 to 1975. I use it often, below in Pier 1 Geese.

Jewel by Wedgwood

And The Follies of Distraction.

I can’t even remember where I sourced the napkins. There are only six of them, so likely eBay.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the sunshine.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

And have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day this week. It will be Easter before we know it.