On our recent trip to Edinburgh, we decided to walk the 20 minutes to The Castle Terrace for dinner. It was a fine, warm evening when we set out. Typical of Scotland, however, the heavens opened before we were halfway there. We found cover in a bus shelter during the worst of the downpour, and then made a mad dash for the restaurant, arriving quite soaked and somewhat cross.

Our mood brightened considerably as we surveyed the menu and settled in for our pre-dinner drinks.  My husband, Glenn, was intrigued with a Scotch cocktail on offer, improbably named Penicillin. Well, we were soaked. Probably a good prophylactic medicinal.

They graciously shared the recipe, as follows.




A refreshing Scotch cocktail


  • • 35 ml Whisky* (They used Monkey Shoulder, we use Te Bheag)
  • • 25 ml Lemon Juice
  • • 15 ml Ginger Liqueur
  • • 20 ml Honey Syrup
  • • 10 ml Ardbeg 10 yr (or similar “peaty” Whisky)


  1. Shake and double strain into an ice-filled rocks glass (use large cubes if you can find them). Float Ardbeg on top of drink.


  • Honey Syrup is 2:1 Honey:Water
  • * In Scotland, Scotch Whisky is called simply, Whisky.  Their view is that there really is no other kind…


  • Serving Size: 1