It’s lilac season. Happy sigh. And while I have been a bit pouty about the continued chilly temperatures, the upside has been an extended season for blossoms. The perfumed air from the lilacs has been exceptional.

A table featuring a combination of green and purple transferware to showcase the lilacs seemed in order.

Gien Mures (blackberry) dinner plates…

…topped with Gien Mures salad plates. I hadn’t noticed before how much darker the purple is on the dinner plate. This is a modern pattern, acquired from a supplier in France several years ago (now discontinued, drat it). I see that lists the pattern among their discontinued wares, so that might be a good source.

I had an abundance of blossoms – a combination of an all-purpose bouquet from Trader Joe’s, purple and white striped alstroemeria, purple tulips and of course, lilacs.  

I used two pitchers and a coffee pot from my collection of Spode Fitzhugh Green to hold the three bouquets.  Juliska Colette purple goblets provided a punch of colour to complement the green (the purple is no longer available, but Colette can be had in blue, green and clear from and other suppliers, such as Bloomingdales). The linens are from Pottery Barn, several years ago.

Small fluted purple dishes were pressed into service as open salt containers.  

I really wish the lilac season was longer, but we can’t be greedy! 

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