Take black clay and shape it into scalloped plates and bowls. Make deep impressions of artful lace into the edges of the pieces. Glaze in soft, hazy blue and fire.

Oh, and make it dishwasher safe, too. Whaddya think?

When we first bought the Cape house, I bought a set of Juliska Berry and Thread in Whitewash with some ice blue accent pieces, and this set of Merletto Aqua and figured I was done. Covered for every occasion, formal or casual.

If I were not entirely insane, I could indeed have stopped there. The pieces really do cover every eventuality. And I’ve never tired of either pattern.

Peaches are in season and formed a simple, edible centrepiece for this understated table.

I added some colourful floral napkins from Amazon (discontinued) that picked up the peaches, blues and browns.

Amber Depression glasses lent a touch of delicate elegance and echoed the lace pattern on the bowls and plates.

Horn open salts from Ballard Design continued the colour scheme and natural materials theme.

Sometimes less is more.

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