The Toile Harvest Village from Pier 1 was shipped short one plate, so when I was setting that table I went looking for a plate of similar size and stature to fill in the hole on any photographs. I remembered I had a set of Wedgwood Aviary plates, and pressed one of those into service. That in turn got me thinking about setting a table with those, so here we are!

Blue and brown makes a great combination for the summer-into-fall transition. I hauled out some linens I got in a tiny store in Pienza, Italy during one of our overseas trips years ago to set the stage.

Taupe Cambria dinner plates served as chargers under the vintage Williamsburg Wedgwood Aviary dinner plates; tableware has has experienced the same portion size creep over the years! What used to be a fair sized dinner plate is drawfed by the modern ones.

I had a hoot with the feathered theme. These feather-duster-style napkin rings are from Pier 1 this year. 

I could just envision the granddaughters flicking each other with these throughout the meal, accompanied by gales of giggles.

These fellows are from Pier 1 a few years ago. I love the baleful expression on the birds’ faces.

In anticipation of the Robert Burns dinner I threw earlier this year, I tracked down these vintage barley-twist candlesticks on Etsy. 

They didn’t arrive on time for the dinner, but I knew they’d be very useful for future meals. They coordinate well with the barley-twist dining chairs. I’d like to get another set to keep these company.

I’ve used the little bird salt & pepper many times; this is a closeup from another tablesetting. 

The smoke Czech Bohemia Crystal glasses are from Laurel Leaf Farms

Those feathers just slay me! 

A fun feathered friends table!

The weather is oscillating from warm, damp humidity reminiscent of a saturated sponge to brisk, chilly breezes that send you reaching for a cardiagan. It’s hard to know what to expect, or how to dress. Layers! Layers! Typical transition into fall. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend, so it will officially be fall for us Canucks. Have a great weekend, dear readers!

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