Cavorting canines are the theme here.

Cavorting canines decked out in sweaters and colourful scarves, dashing around amid swirling leaves. Labs, spaniels, terriers, corgis and Heinz 57 mutts are having a blast on Park Bench Pups plates plates and mugs from Pier 1. 

So I joined in, too. Come on over to my house and we’ll set a table.

I invited a pair of Scottie Dog salt & peppers to play, too. They bounded in from

This adorable pair has a small magnet on each snout so they cling together in a doggie snuffle of noses.

it was hard to decide on which dog to feature, but the Highland and Scottish terriers seemed to fit nicely; they’re just so cheerful.

The preserved leaves are from Save-on-Crafts and the wooden handled cutlery is from World Market. The placemats are from HomeGoods.

I was going to use plain napkins tied with tartan bows for napkin rings, in keeping with all the dogs’ scarves, but then discovered these Bold Check plaid napkins at Pier 1. The cheerful colours, especially the teal blues, sealed the deal. 

The corgi is just a hoot, poised to fly off the edge of the park bench.

The mugs are a very generous size, and I really like the plaid detail on the handle. 

Perfect for a steaming cup of latte.

It’s still beautiful out, but it seems we must turn our thoughts to fall.

It’s the first day of school for many kids today! I can hear the collective sigh of relief from parents, with a slight frisson of awe and/or bewilderment: “where did another year go? I can’t believe they’re starting kindergarten, grade 2, 10, college…’  New backpacks containing litterless lunches are hoisted onto shoulders and another year begins. Good luck everyone!

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