Pink can be a divisive colour. It comes in delightful shades and horrible shades, and where each lies on the spectrum is a matter of taste. I shudder at the particularly lurid pink of which my granddaughters are so fond. You know the one: fuschia tinged with fluorescent. Ghastly. But Ballerina Pink – that’s at the delightful end.

A few years ago Pfaltzgraff was selling off their “Victoria and Albert” series at the end of the season, and Kilburn Black made its way into my collection of one-off salad plates. Love, love the bold black background, and the combination of spring blossoms provides lots of colour choice for various table combinations.

Trader Joe’s had a particularly interesting display of tightly bunched hyacinths. They’re almost feathery, as opposed to waxy, which is how I usually experience hyacinths. Add in some overblown tulips in the palest shade of pink and we have a simple but effective centrepiece.

Pottery Barn provided the pale pink gingham napkins; World Market the Fiddlehead napkin rings and Twig flatware.

The Kilburn Black plates needed little visual help, so I went with Queen Anne dinner plates by Pillivuyt at the base. 

Colonial Dame green iced tea glasses added a bit of oomph without being overwhelming.

I used a plain galvanized pot as the vase for the flowers. It was unobtrusive and faded into nothing, leaving the blossoms to carry the day.

Vintage open salts with a pale blue band and some subtle gilding added a little glam.

Hurry up, spring! You keep teasing with some nice days, then fading back into chilln’.  It’s time to shine. Don’t be shy.

Hooray, Hooray, it’s the first of May! (and you know what that goes with…). Hehe.

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