I like a good chicken tableware pattern, don’t you?

There is something very homey and satisfying about the cluckers.

My radar had been up for this Jacques Pepin pattern offered by Sur la Table for some time, and then it went on a very deep discount. Some reviewers found it wasn’t as sturdy as they would like, and Sur la Table put it on clearance. I’ve had no trouble with it; it’s been an everyday kitchen staple for a couple of years now and no issues. 

The pattern came in both a red and blue edge; I went with the red. The salad plate has an Orpington rooster and a hen. 

And the appetizer plates feature a variety of other breeds; I am guessing that the blue feathered one in the bottom right is an Andalusian Blue, though somewhat romanticized. Poetic sketching license, shall we say?

I had a lot of fun deciding how to style this table and plotted out a few options. It was mostly a question of balancing the red with the other dominant colours on the plates.

The first step was to choose linens. I keep a single of each napkin in a container so I can try out different options without digging through drawers. 

I also pulled out my farm and chicken-themed centrepiece options and a couple of glasses.

 I tried inserting a salad plate in navy blue to get some contrast, but the appetizer plates are a hefty size. It just didn’t work, so I discarded that option.

I narrowed it down to three combinations. Jacques Pepin’s Chickens are a very versatile pattern.

In the end, I set two tables, and today we’ll focus on the last option. The navy napkin allowed me to use a navy runner, red lanterns and glasses—all intense colours, which threw the pale background of the plates into sharp relief. And the mottled rooster was happy.

So was the light coloured one—much happy clucking.

The napkin ring came from April Cornell, in her Attic sale.

It was a great day for photography – a bit overcast, without a lot of glare. 

This white figurine with cut-outs was from Pier 1. I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy the shorter, nesting companion bird while I was at it, but they do take up a lot of storage room.

Besides, I already had the brown specked sitting hen who had flown in from Home Goods. How many chickens does one need?

I will post the other table combination sometime down the road. It has more of a fall theme. 

And that’s a wrap! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the dog days of summer. Goodness, it’s been hot and humid. We have been walking the dogs very early in the morning because the heat really gets to them, especially woolly old Taylor. She is such a trouper. Puffs like a freight train, but has her walk around the block every morning and gallops in from the back yard when she senses it’s feeding time. She’s well over 14 now and is still quite a ham. She’s the one in the foreground of the shot below.

There she is over on the right, below. (Churchill is on the left and Clementine in the middle). See what I mean about the coat? I gave her a thorough brushing the other day and ended up with another whole dog. Good grief!

And she’s Dundee’s favourite sleeping companion.

Have a good day, all. 

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