Winter greenery, in the form of holly, pine, juniper and winter berries, feature heavily on Woodland Berry plates by Williams Sonoma,

The dinner plate has lots of clean white space in the centre, forming a perfect backdrop for a delicious feast.

The salad plate is more densely covered, and the white area at the top draws the eye up through the foliage and berries.

I had been eyeing the pattern for a few years and was delighted to receive the dinner and salad plates for Christmas last year, a joint gift from my daughter Lauren and my daughter-in-law, Annie. It gave me lots of time to plan its debut this season.

I extended the naturalistic elements with twig placemats and a burlap runner. 

I decorated the Chocolate Orange cake to pick up on the greenery, adding dried orange slices to hint at the orange curd filling in the densely chocolate cake. 

Then I tucked additional dried orange slices into the napkin rings (Pier 1, several years ago), which surrounded deep burgundy napkins (custom made more than a decade ago).

The goblets are antique wheel cut from Elise Abrams Antiques. Here they are functioning as wine glasses, and I’ve used small green tumblers by Magnolia Home for water glasses.

We most often use them as water glasses to accompany antique Webb wheel cut wine glasses, as we did in this table featuring Bittersweet by Royal Cauldon

Two pairs of small green glass open salts carried on the natural green colour.

What do you think? Festive enough?

Such a pretty pattern! I had a hard time deciding on the accoutrements, as there were many different directions it could go. I’m sure you’ll see it back in circulation in future festive tables.

I was sorry to dismantle the table, but the centrepiece was soon to be consumed, and Dundee was eying the orange slices with evil intent.

Note his “Oh no, Mum! I wouldn’t dream of doing anything so wicked.” expression. I’ve seen it before, just as he is about to bat something to the floor or leap on one of his sisters.  I’m not fooled in the least.

I’ll leave you with a couple of shots of the table and Chocolate Orange Cake.

How are your plans and preparations coming along, dear readers?

It seems one must have the wisdom of Solomon and the hide of a rhinoceros to navigate the holiday complexities with the general state of outrage this festive season! Let’s all try to keep our sense of humour and stay above the fray as much as possible. That’s my plan, anyway!