Soft pastel shades and fresh flowers are an instant cure for the winter doldrums.

English Garden by Certified International was new for 2020. The trellis pattern on the soft green, scallop-edged dinner plate was an instant hit with me. I can see styling it a dozen different ways.

So many different flowers and fruits to highlight. Don’t you love the strawberries peeking in from the left side?

What do you think – honeysuckle?

That looks like a pink clover flower, but not with those leaves. Pinks, perhaps?

The salad plate is a touch vibrant for me, but it is sunny and cheerful. It’s a typical English chintz pattern with blowsy pink roses.

There are four different patterns for the bowls and mugs. In addition to the green trellis and the yellow chintz, we have a coral coloured plaid.

And my favourite, the pale pink floral. Best of all are the cabbage feet that adorn the bowls and mugs.

The mugs also have cabbage handles, which have the added benefit of being extremely comfortable in the hand, as they are broad and easy to hold. I’m not too fond of spindly mug handles – not only do they cut into your fingers, but they give a sense of unease that the mug will drop any minute and shatter.

I decided to use pale pink to pull the table together, from the gingham table throw and napkins to the striped water glasses, acquired years ago from heaven knows where.

Little cabbage salt and pepper shakers. I can see pulling in Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage pattern plates for future tables.

Isn’t English Garden a breath of fresh spring air? 

With the riot of colours in the pattern itself, I went with clear glass napkin rings from Pottery Barn years ago. 

There are four different birds, which perch at different angles on the glass ring, and are supported by glass leaf “feet.”

Speaking of birds, a roosting hen butter dish fit right in. It’s a very friendly and inclusive pattern, extending its welcome to all things spring and garden.

Dundee kept a lazy eye on the proceedings while I was setting the table. 

Inexpensive white ironstone pitchers and white planters painted to look like birch held a fresh array of pink tulips and pink-tinted daisies, flowers easily procured from the grocery store.

All set to enjoy a casual breakfast of oatmeal made with dried cherries and sprinkled with toasted nuts. Then perhaps an omelette made with spinach and tomatoes, and some multi-grain toast. Latte or hot chocolate with whipped cream in those mugs. Yum!! 

Because even though it’s spring inside, it’s still pretty chilly outside. We need a hearty breakfast after a brisk walk with the dogs.

Just watch where you sit. Don’t want to plunk down on the plump feline. 🙂 

Dundee’s has developed a funny little habit. Once he has had his breakfast, he likes to tuck himself up under the turned down quilt and sleep the day away. It’s almost like he’s putting himself to bed. He shoves his head under the edge of the duvet, then slides his whole body under before turning around and poking his nose out.

What? Are you bringing me a snack? Or are you just going to stare at me and snap pictures?

No snack, I see. Well, good night, then.

One last look at English Garden.

Have a lovely Sunday, all. We are hunkered down by the fire, watching big fluffy snowflakes come down. Winter in the North East. Brrrr.