Our peonies in the Cape run the gamut from snow white with a splash of crimson at the heart through to a vibrant cerise. Some of the earliest bloomers are a delicate shade of pink, some with the palest yellow ruffles near the base of the frou-frou centre. Be still, oh my heart.

Most years, I snip a few bloom for the house and enjoy the heavenly fragrance while leaving the majority in situ. Not this year. I greedily snipped all of the first bloomers, leaving the secondary buds in place in the hopes of a second showing. 

If there was ever a time to take your pleasures where you find them, it’s this year. 

I settled on a black and white theme to showcase the pale pink. 

Royal Stafford’s black transferware salad plates teamed up with Nocturne by Royal Prestige dinner plates.

There are six different scenes in the modern Royal Stafford transferware line; the harvest fruit border is consistent.

This one is Herdsman.

And here we have the Red Bull Inn.

Coaching Scenes has some wonderful details.

The sign for “Stoke” is a nice nod to the pottery district in England, Stoke-on-Trent.

 I think Hayride is my favourite.

Three guesses why…

This one is called Monarch of the Castle.

I don’t have any of the Blacksmith’s Forge; This pic is from the Replacements’ website.

Though normally I’d think of black and white as more of a cold-weather colourway, I liked how it paired with the delicate peonies.

The water glasses are Arabella, in pink, by Juliska. I don’t think they really took off, as they were quickly discontinued, and I picked these up on one of their warehouse sales. The whole Arabella line has been axed, it seems. Too bad—the swirl effect is delectable.

I do so adore peonies. Perhaps because they are only available for a short while each year—there is no “I’ll pick some up later”. They really are use it or lose it.


Clementine was very curious about what I could possibly be doing with the table. Why was no food forthcoming? Could I please hurry up and bring FOOD. 




All in good time, oh fuzzy one. We are drinking in the beauty right now.

And that’s a wrap.

Bye for now!