The summer blooms are at their peak, and the hydrangea is just tipping over to the faded papery stage. So it was now or never for this table.

Botanical Bouquet by Mikasa features an unusual combination of herbs in improbably vivid shades of cobalt blue; the soft pink and sage are more realistic. I picked it up years ago at HomeSense but never got around to styling it.  Botanically accurate, it is not, but it’s charming. 




And thyme

Not quite Simon & Garfunkle’s Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, but close.

In addition to the blue hydrangea, I plucked stems of feathery pink astilbe and spiky lavender hosta to reflect the blooms on the plates. 

A floral feast for the eyes.

Royal Lace Cobalt Blue by Hazel Atlas is true Depression glass, produced between 1934 and 1941. I have the small tumblers and the cream soup bowls with the glass underplates (great for chowder). The cobalt vases are modern, from Save-on-Crafts; regrettably, they seem to be discontinued—they were really reasonably priced.

Napkin rings shaped like watering cans seemed appropriate. I fussed around with various napkins until I landed on the sage striped ones (from Williams Sonoma many years ago).


The roses are blooming lushly and vigorously right now. But, soon, they will need severe deadheading, which involves suiting up from head to toe and donning leather gauntlets. They are thorny suckers! It takes several days to do them all, but it’s worth it.

Ah, summer! 

Lobster rolls on the beach for dinner at low tide tonight. It’s got to be my favourite summertime activity. 

We took this shot of the grandgirls carrying their beach chairs a couple of years ago. We are still hoping they’ll be able to visit the Cape before school starts, but with the US border still shut, it’s looking dicey. Like everyone else, I’ll be very glad to see the back of Covid. Grrrr…

Have a great weekend, all!