It’s full-on summer in the Cape, and that means the hydrangeas are at their glorious peak. Whoo-whoo could ask for anything more?

“Not me”, said the owl on the plate.

“Nor us”, said the wide-eyed pair.

It’s all ruffles and curlicues on this summery table. The plate is one of the Nature Table series by Anthropologie, which features an eclectic assortment of creatures. From the Anthropologie website:

Artist Lou Rota has long been drawn to the beauty of the natural world. Her passion for entomology was piqued during the early days of her career, which were spent producing science and natural history documentaries. Today, from her West London studio, Rota designs the whimsical bugs, flowers and birds that grace her ceramics. This set’s vintage-inspired curves exhibit a biologist’s dream assortment.

I like them individually but have yet to figure out how to put them together in one table.

There is a tiger (one of the tables in the Summer Quarterly).

And a bee (one of the tables in Entertablement—The Four Seasons).

There is also a ring-tailed lemur, but you’ll have to wait for that one. 🙂  For now, let’s enjoy our little hooters.

I dug out my wheel-cut goblets.

The chargers and the napkins are both from Pier 1 in happier days. The ruffled edge dinner plate is from Williams Sonoma, and the wooden handled flatware came from World Market (all discontinued).

One final shot of the table in all its glory.

On to more sombre topics, I’m afraid. It’s been a sad week here as we said goodbye to Taylor, our golden matriarch. After sixteen years of cheeky smiles and an endlessly wagging tail, her heart finally gave out.

Ever patient, she was the source of much comfort to Dundee in his early days…

and adult days.

Her incredible woolly coat earned her the nickname “the sheep”.

She loved cavorting on the beach (though it took hours for her coat to dry out!)

When we lost her littermate, Burton, a couple of years ago, we dreaded her loneliness, but she took it in stride.

There is much comfort in knowing that they’re together again.

Godspeed, Taylor. Give our love to all the pets who are there to greet you.