Fall is indeed on the way when the wild mushrooms begin to flourish.

We have a couple of spots in the garden at the Cape where some particularly gorgeous specimens return each year.

So this year, I was ready with some new table-friendly velvet versions from Mrs Alice.

The Mushroom Table!

I’ve had the plates for years and used them before here. 

Though they lend themselves to many different settings, I paired them again with green shell-edged Wedgwood Williamsburg dinner plates.

The six different mushroom plates comprise Les Champignons de France by Saint Armand, an e-Bay find several years ago. On that post, you can see all the different plates and their botanical descriptions.

I built the centrepiece in several layers. First, I laid some moss-covered branches which fell during a storm from the huge locust tree on our front lawn. Next, I positioned the wheat bundles, wiggling them into place to ensure they stayed upright. Finally, small branches of prickly beach rose hips added some colour.

A few feathered quail and the aforementioned mushrooms joined the party.

Finally, I positioned the amber votives from Save on Crafts. They coordinated nicely with the amber twist glasses from Williams Sonoma many moons ago.

I’ve had the mushroom salt & peppers forever, too.

They came with the French Market plates from Williams Sonoma many years ago, which I used here.

I never thought I’d get so many uses from them! But mushrooms are in so many delectable dishes.

Mushroom Strudel…

Mushroom Focaccia

And most recently, Chevre Soufflés with Mushrooms and Red Peppers.

But, back to our table. 🙂

It makes me glad that fall is here.

We have settled here in Canada again for a while, after enjoying an overseas trip with most of the family for the last part of August into early September. My business partner, Gordon, always jokes that there is a difference between a family trip and a vacation—never confuse the two. One is to create memories, and the other is for relaxation. Travelling with twelve people for the better part of three weeks was extremely rewarding and went much more smoothly than I anticipated. We had a marvellous time and had many beautiful experiences. I’m in the middle of doing a quick overview of the places we visited and will have it up in a day or so.

Meanwhile, from our table to yours, Cheers!