It’s high summer on the Cape with sweltering days and warm nights—prime time for enjoying the beach. We have a ten to fourteen-foot tide, and I dearly love to take a walk at low tide on the hard, packed sand, with my feet immersed in the swirling waves as they ebb and flow.

No matter what time of day, it’s incredibly grounding; peace descends, and any niggling worries wash away with the waves.

It’s also a lot of fun watching the children splashing and chasing in the waves, riding the boogie-boards to shore on windy days, building sand castles, and burying one another—all screen-free, fresh air-filled activities that kids have enjoyed since time immemorial.

We are expecting four not-so-little grandgirls in a couple of weeks. This picture of three of them is from 2019, the last time they visited Cape Cod (two years of Covid, then, more happily, the Family Trip to England and Scotland last year). I expect those chairs will no longer accommodate at least two who have shot up like weeds.

And speaking of beach lovers, let’s look at today’s table. While I’ve never actually come across a giant turtle wearing swim trunks, I can imagine he’s having a wonderful time.

Dapper Animals from West Elm are based on paintings of real animals, which designer Rachel Kozlowski then dressed and accessorized to give characters all their own. This multi-year collaboration produced dozens of different collections, one of which is these four melamine plates.

In addition to the turtle and dolphin, we have an Otter wearing a polka-dot two-piece bathing suit (more generous than a bikini, methinks).

Who is that masked creature with the snorkel?

Judging by the tail, I’m guessing it’s a beaver? Correction: It’s a platypus. Thanks, Beatrice!

Oh well, doesn’t matter. I whipped up some small seashell-shaped pound cakes to munch on…

…using the Nordicware Seashell Bites pan. The little ones love helping me make small pound cakes in various shapes.

I used the same recipe as the Backyard Bugs pound cakes.

They make an easy and quick centrepiece, and as they disappear in no time, there are no issues with storage!

Hooray! Says the dolphin in his cool Hawaiin shirt.

Seahorse napkin rings furthered the beachy theme.

The aqua dinner plate is Merletto Aqua by Arte Italica (discontinued in 2016).

It was also fun to have another outing for the seashell cutlery by Reed and Barton (an eBay find).

Time to get swimming!

Enjoy the day, all!