Son Adam and I enjoy making pasta from scratch, and have got it down to something of a smooth process. We don’t make it frequently enough for it to be completely glitch-free, but we manage pretty well. We’ve abandoned the entire “mix it by hand” method and use the stand-mixer to mix and do the first pass at kneading the dough.

We then roll the dough to the desired thickness and make the ravioli by folding 2 ft lengths of the dough lengthwise, dropping small balls of filling at 2″ intervals onto one side of it, and cutting the ravioli by hand. That is much quicker than the ravioli attachment we tried a few years ago.

Last fall, I roasted a few pie pumpkins and froze the flesh in preparation for adventures such as these. We also enjoy a tagine made with roasted pumpkin, so demand now seems to be outstripping a fairly meagre supply. (Note to self – roast at least six next year).

We used the Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Butter recipe from Williams Sonoma.This is the second time we’ve made it, and both times we’ve had more pasta than filling, so we put the cutting attachment onto the stand and turned the last bit of pasta into noodles for another use. We also noticed that the ravioli disintegrates into a soggy mess unless it is cooked immediately, so we don’t bother trying to retain any to cook the next day.