We have many varieties of hydrangea in Cape Cod, and this particular luscious purple is one of my favourites. It grows in full sun, with thick, spongey leaves more like a succulent than an hydrangea. 


I made the most of its presence with several arrangements over a few days, combining them with different tableware. The deep purple of the Juliska Collette glasses and plates pick up the densely coloured flowers of the hydrangea. (The purple glasses and plates are discontinued now, although pistachio green and delft blue are available).


These hand-painted plates feature several different flowers and fruits, and I particularly love this little plate with the lilacs.


The open salts shown over on the far right of the frame were a discounted item from a kitchen store that I acquired years ago. The cutlery is Berry and Thread, also by Juliska.  The white plates are Queen Anne Pillivuyt from Williams Sonoma.


It’s the height of summer; long sunny days almost saturated with humidity. It was all I could do to keep the camera from steaming up, and you can see the condensation dripping from the glassware. I’ve taken to setting the table first thing in the morning before the sun gets too far up in the sky, or waiting until after we return from the beach in the late afternoon for photographs.