Old Staffordshire “Ningpo” by Johnson Brothers is a fabulous example vintage china at its most romantic.

Information on the pattern is a bit scarce, but I gather its heyday was the 1930s. Something to brighten that time of austerity, certainly.

The gorgeous detail on the rim of the plate caught my attention, from the beaded edge to the exquisitely rendered flowing border in a typically 1930s shade of minty-green. Delicate floral sprays cascade across a bone coloured background on the shoulder of the plate, and spill into the white centre in exuberant profusion of deep yellows and vibrant oranges. Scrumptious.

Such a luscious, yet restrained pattern. An eBay find!

The canvas: a plain white tablecloth.  Gold Luster charger plates topped with gold rimmed dinner plates (discontinued)  from Pier 1 set the background.

On to the supporting cast. Gold Swirl antique Venetian goblets from Elise Abrams Antiques.

Opaline Salt Dips from The Source Collection echoed the delicate green border.

Gold flower napkin rings from Amazon added a layer of interest on the neatly rolled white napkin. A little restrained and buttoned up, the linens reflect the sparseness of the floral sprays.

Bright yellow chrysanthemums and deep orange gerber daisies echoed the vibrant colours in the plate. Thank you, Trader Joe’s.

All set for dinner on a lovely warm summer evening.

Sorry for the relative silence this week, folks. I’ve had a nasty bout of food poisoning and am just dragging myself back into the land of the living. Ugh. On the mend now, though!

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