Tea time! Let’s take a break from all that gardening, shall we? Around our place we’ve shifted 13 cubic yards of mulch over the last week and the muscles know it…groan.  Ooops, may need to dust off the jeans before flopping down on the white cushions, though.

There is nothing like a refreshing cuppa and a little pick me up of Sultana Tea Bread.

Villeroy & Boch’s 1900 features elegantly dressed ladies in costumes of the flapper era. I’ve used the plates before in this table setting:

The coffee pot and mugs feature still more ladies. Oh happy day! I’m quite taken with the seated lady in the goldish long skirt, but the smart red jacket and hat on the sailing boat is my favourite.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the striped arrangement on the right below. Could it be some type of bathing costume?

The Art Deco period employed a lot of stripes, it seems. I do like the green outfit on the lady on the coffee pot, don’t you?

The mugs and coffee pot seem to feature more daytime wear, in contrast to the elegant evening attire prevalent on the salad plates.

I had a few fritillaria bulbs poking up in the garden, so they joined the tea tray.

Fritillaria is part of the lily family, and the checkered pattern on the flowers has always intrigued me. Nature is miraculous!

The antique carved oak tray is is perfect for serving tea. It’s generously sized and tough as nails; it withstands the odd spill with impunity. The handles are very comfortable, too. I picked it up years ago from Elise Abrams Antiques.

Ok – let’s tuck in before the tea gets to strong. Cheers!

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