Where have the babies gone? Remember these two?

Well, they’ve grown a bit!

They are still very good friends if you judge by such things as wrestling…


And biting.

Sometimes one has the upper paw.

And sometimes the other.

Dundee is not above yelling for help. MUM!!!!

And is just as inclined to solve things for himself.  TAKE THAT!

Before he stalks off to seek solace with Taylor, still his favourite comfort-provider. You’ll never believe what I’ve been through!

You still love me, don’t you?

She still loves me. I’m irresistible.

Clementine had her final shots a few weeks ago and at last was able to join the rest of the dogs on their daily walk. Ok, I’ve got my harness on. Churchill! I have your haltie for you!

Got my leash! Ready to go!

She insisted on holding her own leash until we got outside. 

Psssst – Clementine – Soon they’ll make you wear this stupid thing instead of your stupid harness.  You rub your face on the ground and try to get rid of it. Right away! Like this!

Her walking on a leash is coming along, but it very much feels like a cross between walking a windshield wiper and a kite in a high wind. The majority of the time she walks facing forward, but the sudden changes in tempo and direction will take some ironing out. Taylor had much the same habits when she was a pup, so much so that I ended up with a badly damaged rotator cuff in my left arm from all the yanking. I now walk her with her leash clipped around my waist. It’ll take some time for Clementine to get the idea. 

That face!  The eyebrows!

Dundee recently helped me with the New Year kitchen cupboard deep-clean.

Now, this is where the treats are supposed to be. Oh, no! THEY’RE GONE!!!

Are they over here?

Or down here?

Keep looking, Dundee. They’re right in front of you, on the floor.

Well, thank goodness. I’ll go tell Burton. Hey Burton! Mum lost the treats when she was cleaning out the cupboards. But I found them!!!

Dundee, the great Treat Detective saves the day.

Sometimes it’s Clementine who’s the detective. Has anyone seen Dundee? I thought he went this way.

I can’t imagine where he might have gone…

If I were a cat, where would I go?

Dundee? Dundee?

I give up. I’ll just wait for him to come back. I’m lonely. No one will play with me.

Now, what have we here? 


I’m tired. I’m going to find Burton and Taylor and have a nap.

Ok, that’s enough napping. I’ll just sneak in back here and wait for you guys to get up.

I wonder where Dundee has gone? I’m over here, with Moxie.

She didn’t like me very much before, but now she thinks I’m great. Well, maybe not great. But not awful, maybe…

Maybe I’d better not push my luck. I’ll go find somewhere else to sleep.

That’s enough napping for me, too. All ready for another game of hide ‘n’ seek. Bet you can’t find me here, Clemmie!

I’m not ready to play. I’m hanging with the big guys!

That’s a LOT of golden.

Fortunately, mostly sleeping golden.

Dundee gets into the act whenever he can.

Burton has clearly had enough of having his nose bitten. “Really, Dad, do I have to put up with this?”

Clemmie’s favourite toy is her purple dinosaur.

Dundee’s favourite toy is Taylor. Bleah, says Taylor.

They’re growing up too fast!

We love them all sooooo much.

Thanks for stopping in for another episode of Clementine and Dundee!

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