Hello everyone!. Dundee and Clementine here, reporting on our latest adventure.

It all began when Mum and Dad started talking about us getting fixed. I didn’t think we were broken, but they had a phone call with someone and said it would be happening on March 15. We couldn’t figure out what was involved in the fixing business, so in the meantime, we went about our important business. Like getting fed. Mum prefers it when we dogs wait outside while she gets dinner ready. We can get a bit too excited and almost knock her over. I like to have a front-row seat and keep an eye on the food preparations — you never know if Mum is going to forget something. Churchill waits up front with me. Taylor is far too relaxed about it – she almost falls asleep. Burton likes to look straight into the camera. He’s so vain.

Speaking of getting fed – Dundee here. It’s that time of day when Dad is getting his drink together and Mum is fiddling around with stupid green stuff that a cat wouldn’t be caught dead eating. But I spy the treat container and someone has left the lid open. Excellent! Self-serve.

Hmmm. Let me see…if I can just get my paw into that opening without knocking the container over like last time. That was lots of fun – treats everywhere, but Dad got a bit cross and then those dogs ate most of the treats that hit the floor. What a waste of good treats.

Just flip one out onto the counter and paw it gently. Rats, it’s gone under that putrid green stuff.

Got it. Quick. Gobble up! Dad’s coming back.

Oh, here’s Ronnie. Too late, Ronnie. They’ve put the treats away. None for you. Nyah, nyah!!

C’mon Ronnie – we can get one of those flower toys Mum puts out for us in that thing with the water. Stick your paw down and pull one out, then toss it to the floor so we can play with it.  Don’t take too many – remember last time when the whole thing fell over and all the water ran out? Got one? Almost? Just yank it with your teeth. Hurry up! Someone’s coming.

Quick! Lie down and look as though we’ve been asleep all along.

It was all so normal. Then the next morning I heard Mum say it was time to go. Go where? Uh, oh…here comes the carrier. Well, maybe we are going back to Cape Cod. That’s where we usually go in the carrier. 

I hate this thing. It’s so undignified. Being carried. Like some kind of package. You take over, Clementine. I can’t see much, now. What’s happening?

Churchill called me over and said: Something is up. Mum and Dad are talking about The Vet. Nothing good happens when they talk about The Vet. Stick with me, Clemmie.

Yeah, I heard that, too. Ok, Churchill. I’ll just stay close to you.

Dad said “It’s ok, Clemmie. We are going to go for a ride in the car. You’ll be all right. We will leave you for a little while at the vet, but we’ll come and get you later.”

But Dad! I’d rather stay here with you guys!

Yeah, Dad. Can’t she just stay here?

Dad said, “We have to go now.”

So we put on my harness and went outside.

Dad kept telling me it was going to be all right, which made me very suspicious.

Let’s just go back inside, Dad. I don’t want to go for a ride in the car.

Back inside, Churchill wasn’t very happy, I’m so sad to see Clementine go. I hope she’s ok.

Dundee was waiting in the car. He wasn’t happy, either.

It’s a short drive to the vet. I didn’t feel very well in the car. Usually, the big dogs are there with me, but it was just Dundee and me. Mum is lifting the carrier out of the car. Dundee, are you coming?

I got on the scale. I’m getting bigger all the time. The Vet people all seemed very pleased with me. I’m 42 pounds! 

How much do you weigh, Dundee?

Fifteen pounds? Wow! You’re only a cat! What? Take off the weight of the carrier? What does that mean? Oh! You weigh 10 pounds.

There were other animals at the vet, too. Hi! My name is Clementine. Who are you?

What are you in for?

The Vet people say we have to go now. ‘Bye, Mum and Dad. See you in a little while. I hope. This is very scary.

But it all turned out fine. The Vet people were really nice and later that day, when Mum and Dad came back to get us, they said we had been very good and they wanted to keep us forever. They were only joking. We were very glad to see Mum and Dad. I felt a little weird. Something was not quite right. I was a bit sore and quite sleepy. Dundee said he felt the same. We sure were glad to get back home. Dundee went straight upstairs and got onto Mum and Dad’s bed. He was pretty dopey.

He was glad to see everyone but even more glad to get the bed to himself. Mine! All Mine!

Churchill was waiting for me. I was thrilled to see him! My big brother! We started wrestling right away. Mum said we had to stop.

So we just snuffled instead. Churchill loves me.

Dundee came downstairs to see what all the noise was about. He cuddled up with Burton. Burton is his favourite dog. They sleep together all the time. Dundee purrs very loudly. I think he’s feeling ok now.

We both needed a bit of cuddling after our adventures.

Now that’s all over, I’m really looking forward to getting outside and playing. Churchill tells me that green thing comes off and there is a pool underneath. We aren’t allowed to go in by ourselves, but If we are lucky, we can sneak into it and get all wet. Sounds like a lot of fun! 

I’ll just watch it for now. You never know what might happen next.



Cuddling. Life is good.

Thanks for dropping in on the Adventures of Clementine and Dundee!

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