Fans of Clementine and Dundee will be happy to know that The Diabolical Duo are in fine form.

While still mercilessly teasing his sisters, Dundee’s presence is now more or less tolerated. It looks like he’s here to stay {deep cat sigh}.

I may not like it, but at least he doesn’t hog ALL the blankets, says Ronnie, the little calico. 

Ronnie and Dundee are often seen napping in the same vicinity, though rarely touching. They’re both indoor cats, and we are hoping we can keep Dundee that way.

He’s longing to go out.

Why can’t I go out? That stupid Moxie goes out.

Really…it’s just a matter of time till I wear them down…

I don’t get to go out by myself, either, Dundee. I have to go on a leash. It’s fun, but not as much fun as eating. Speaking of which…

Let’s get something to eat. I think you just pull on this thing. If I can just get the cupboard open, you can hop in and knock the food out.

Oh. Hi Mum! We were just … er … um … playing!! That’s right, playing. 

See? Playing!!

This is so undignified. Dog-breath. And I didn’t get anything to eat. I’ll have to take care of this myself.

Excuse me, Dad? A word, if you please.

It’s been hours since a morsel passed these lips. I’m fading away. Ready to faint with hunger.

Ah, thank you, Dad. We boys understand that a little sustenance is always welcome.

And a snuggle along with it doesn’t go amiss, either.

Thank you very much.

You think you’re so smart, Dundee. I’m just going to lie down with Taylor and Burton. We’ll be fed soon, though not soon enough for me.

Those young ‘uns are so impatient, aren’t they Burton?

Burton and Taylor will be 14 this coming fall. They’ve slowed down a lot and no longer go on the full walk; just around the block and back to sleep, almost always together.

Burton can look so dignified. Good thing, as he is NOT the brains of the pair. Taylor does most of the thinking for both of them. 🙂 

We’re not going to have them much longer, and while four Goldens is a lot of confusion and fur, we’re glad that Dundee and Clementine had the guidance and care of their elders in their early days.

Dundee and Clementine have been very fortunate to be puppy and kitten together; they’ll be lifelong friends.

And when Clementine gets a bit too rough for Dundee’s burgeoning dignity, she has Churchill to play with.  

Always good for a game of Warface and Snuffle.

I’ll leave you with a couple of before & afters. They’ve grown a bit in the last year, haven’t they?

Now it’s time for a walk! Around the block for Burton and Taylor, and a few miles for Clementine and Churchill. It’s a beautiful day here on the Cape – perfect for walking, gardening and beaching. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, wherever you are.

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