I’ve never been a big dahlia fan. They’re a pain in the butt to grow. The magnificent flowers come from quite unprepossessing tubers that need to be hauled in and out of the ground each year. Tulips and daffodil bulbs survive (and even thrive) on the cold winter months. Dahlia tubers are a lot more delicate; they croak.

But I was enchanted by The Harvest Bloom line from Williams Sonoma showcasing the brash blooms. The rich jewel tones inspire a wide variety of styling.

I had assumed I would start by highlighting the leaves and berries when setting the table and was surprised when things began to go in another direction.

Ordering groceries for delivery during our two-week quarantine earlier this month, I was surprised to find fresh flowers among the list of items on offer; I was further astonished to see dahlias among the options. Well, then! I specified “dark red or peach” in the “delivery notes”. Voila!

Dahlias are divas; they don’t mingle well. A set of clear glass bottles was pressed into service, so the individual blooms had their snooty say. I arranged them one to a bottle, with a few buds and some leaves. With all that exuberant colour in the linens, nothing more was needed.

I picked up the dinner plates at IKEA a couple of years ago, intrigued by the unusual colour; purple is hard to find. They’ve been waiting to make their debut and were thrilled to support the bodacious dahlias.

My much-loved and frequently used antique Venetian “basket” glasses in peach added a soft counterpoint of colour to the vibrant burgundy/purple of the dahlias and plates.

A couple of lanterns with flameless pillar candles, and we were set. The deep brown iron frames echoed the trim on the napkins and runner.

The net result is exuberant colour and pattern with minimum fuss. Love it.

We are back in the land of the free-of-movement and preparing for our family Thanksgiving dinner/multi-birthday celebration this weekend. The official Thanksgiving holiday in Canada is the following week; getting a fresh turkey on an “off date” weekend has proved surprisingly challenging, but I managed to track one down. Today is stuffing-making and pastry day; tomorrow, the cake layers for a carrot Birthday cake, which I will decorate on Friday, along with a Birthday pumpkin pie. The dinner itself is Saturday. That’s all fun, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Amazon continues to hold my shipment of books captive on their loading dock, where they have languished for three weeks. I’m beyond frustrated about it. “Wait times are longer than normal due to high volume”. Hmmm…. 21 days vs 4? Longer than normal??? Comments on their site reveal I am not alone in this dilemma. Vendors complain about their perishable stock going to waste, seasonal items being rendered unsaleable due to long delays. I chose Fulfilment by Amazon as I thought people might want to take advantage of Amazon Prime for delivery, but I regret the decision; I should have arranged different shipping. The best-laid plans. Grrrrr.

Bye for now!

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