Easter is such a hopeful holiday. While I love Christmas, it marks the beginning of winter and many months of darkness. Easter, however, is the beginning of warmer and longer days (at least for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers). You can almost feel the world coming to life. Don’t you agree, Mr. Rabbit?

Absolutely! We can’t wait to be hopping around and munching on all that new green stuff!

I’ve admired Floral Meadow by Williams Sonoma for several years now but until this year had never been in the right place at the right time to enjoy its charms. The dinner plate is a gently coloured floral pattern leaning heavily to the blue and violet spectrum. It’s lovely all on its own and serves as a beautiful base for cobalt blue or lilac glass.

There are several options in terms of the salad plates. And I can never resist a cute bunny.

Grey ones and brown ones, sitting up bunnies and lying down bunnies. Mr. McGregor, eat your heart out.

It was a lovely warm day, so outside, we all trooped. Wooden bunny figurines from Wayfair and armsful of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, with a few pots of heather interspersed, took up their positions down the centre of the table.

Rattan placemats framed the plates and added some visual contrast to the Nira blue cotton tablecloth from Amanda Lindroth.

Hazel-Atlas cobalt Royal Lace tumblers and various cobalt blue and clear bud vases from Save-on-Crafts supported the floral offerings.

Isn’t spring thrilling? 

We oldies are having a quiet Easter this year. The Easter Bunny will be making his rounds in various family households, and no doubt chocolate will be consumed with enthusiasm everywhere. Our big family Easter breakfast will wait a few weeks; somehow, I can’t see little girls complaining about the ANOTHER egg hunt later. Nana has to keep her hands and teeth off the chocolate set aside here, however!

Happy Easter to all! I hope everyone has a joyful and peaceful celebration, in whatever form it takes.