There is something inherently cheerful about watermelon. It’s astonishingly abundant nature, for starters—they’re so HUGE. Second, the innocuous, virtuous-looking rind, giving way to an unexpectedly vibrantly coloured interior. And then, the delightful crunch and cascade of juice down the chin when biting into a chunk making it impossible to eat with any dignity. 

A few years ago, Pier 1 came out with a cookie jar in the shape of a truck filled with watermelons. I couldn’t help but smile. It went on sale at the end of the season, and I snapped it up, already thinking about how to style a table with it. 

What kind of cookies should I put in the jar, I pondered? I was tempted to go with ginger snaps—I like the combination of ginger and watermelon. Oatmeal of some sort? Not chocolate chips, I decided. Chocolate is best warm, and the chill of the watermelon wouldn’t be a good combination. Chewy dried cherries. Yes. With toasted pecans. Yum!  Cherry Pecan Oatmeal cookies. 

Ok. What else to serve? Kids coming back from the beach, all sandy and dripping wet. And starving. How about watermelon pizza? 

Watermelon topped with Greek yoghurt for some protein. They like lime or coconut flavour, or it could be plain. Add some berries, and we’ve got a nutritious snack.

We’re set! Cheerful floral napkins in watering can napkin rings will mop up any mess.

The watermelon slice melamine plates were an eBay find. 

Jeanette’s Cherry Blossom glasses and pitcher were the perfect shade of green to coordinate with the rest of the accoutrements. True Depression glass, they were manufactured between 1930 and 1939. 

Perhaps these very glasses provided cheer for a family during that trying decade. I like to think of them sipping lemonade in the backyard, maybe even munching away on watermelon!


Cherry Pecan Oatmeal Cookies.

And watermelon pizza. 

A light and healthy summer snack. Sure looks like summer to me!

It looks like we’re in for a soggy couple of days here on the Cape, Time to get to some indoor projects. Even Moxie The Adventurer has declined to venture out in the sauna-like conditions.

It’s like being in the tropics. Showers give way to weak sunshine and overcast skies. Perfect for weeding the garden, though. We’ve been steadily deadheading the roses while clipping trying to reshape any overgrown areas. It’s a question of balanced pruning and encouraging another flowering. Those roses in the background of the shot below are a good example.Well over my head in height, they’re also broad and deep. They’re thorny beggars, and I have the scars to prove it.

I leave you with a picture of Dundee, doing what he does best.

Enjoy the weekend, all.