Our good friends Bill, Maura, Carolyn and Paul, with whom we went on the cruise in 2019 (a lifetime ago, it seems), were visiting recently. Oh, happy days!

We took every opportunity during their short stay to get together for a Cape-Cod land-locked reprisal—Maura hosted dinner one night, Glenn and I another night, and we had dinner out twice. 

The weather cooperated, and we could dine outside on Creamy Corn Crab Bisque, followed by Florentine Bistecca and Roasted Vegetables (recipe in Entertablement—Much Depends on Dinner). 

We finished up with Lemon Chiffon cake garnished with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Blue and white is a refreshing palette for summer; the cool tones providing some visual relief from the sultry weather.

The Depression Glass tumblers, soup cups and saucers are Cobalt Royal Lace by Hazel-Atlas.

Sturdier than “elegant” Depression glass, patterns such as this one were given away in packages of Quaker Oats or laundry detergent or by gas stations and movie theatres during the 1930s  as inducements to purchasers of qualifying merchandise to part with their scarce resources.

Larger pieces, such as platters or punch bowls, would be obtained with coupons or proofs of sale from multiple purchases.

The clear wine glass is an antique wheel-cut from an unknown manufacturer.

I pulled out cobalt accessories to add to the visual bounty, including this little bird open salt.

And a tiny chicken butter dish.

The cobalt vases are all modern, from Save on Crafts, and sadly discontinued. However, they were very inexpensive and did a marvellous job holding creamy stems of Pee-Gee hydrangeas aloft.

I acquired the blue & white runner years ago; the napkins are a more recent acquisition from Etsy.

While I like the embroidery, the fabric was a disappointment; I won’t recommend them.

Summer dining at its friendly best.

Thank heaven for good friends, good food,  lovely weather and a slow return to normality.

And a reminder that the Giveaway for Entertablement—Much Depends on Dinner ends tomorrow. Many of you have provided wonderful comments, weighing in on what you’d like to see more of from the blog. I’m very appreciative! If you haven’t had a chance to do so, Mary and I would still love to hear from you. 

Until tomorrow, when we will announce the three winners of a hard or Kindle copy of the book, the reader’s choice.