It’s a soft, misty morning here in the South Downs, UK, where Glenn and I are based for the next few days. We arrived in England a little over a week ago and have already clocked several hundred miles in what has to be the worst rental car we’ve experienced. Probably worse than the seven-passenger van Glenn drove in 2018. But, four cathedrals down—Guildford, Portsmouth, Exeter (retake) and Truro, and one to go on this trip. So, I’m within spitting distance of finishing my Cathedral Quest. 🙂

Before we left, we celebrated an early Easter with the family. And the star of the show? None other than Snoopy, the famous Easter Beagle. Williams Sonoma pulled out all the stops this year with this gingerbread house in the shape of Snoopy’s dog house. 

The salad plates from the collection feature a wavy blue and white striped background—enough pattern to be interesting while allowing lots of scope for further table embellishment.

And table embellishment we got! An exuberant Easter tree made of pussywillows took centre stage. We were also celebrating two March birthdays, so a chocolate cake was a must.

Pastel peanut M&Ms snuggle into a nest of buttercream flowers for a toothsome delight.

I found a collection of vintage Easter Snoopy figurines on eBay, tucked them into napkins, and scattered them around the table with small silver baskets of mini creme eggs and jelly beans.

Once the table was set and I’d snapped a few photos, I added the Easter Baskets for the grandgirls.

Sidewalk chalk, giant bubble wands, old-fashioned lollipops…

Bathing suits for the summer and lift the flap t-shirts from Boden are much-loved regulars for our baskets.

And, of course, gold-foil Lindt bunnies, Hershey’s kisses and chocolate eggs.

What a zoo!

The star of the show, as ever, Snoopy! I read somewhere that the eternal appeal of the Peanuts characters lies in our universal secret wish to be Snoopy, whilst fearing we are actually Charlie Brown. 

On a typically drizzly spring day in Canada, the cheerful table was a welcome sight.

We had Belgian waffles with raspberry compote and whipped cream and a large dish of Peameal Bacon Hash for brunch. Then the great egg hunt. The girls are big enough to find the eggs without much adult assistance, other than the occasional lift to access out-of-reach eggs for the youngest one, Riley. 

Everyone was too full for cake, so I cut one slice to keep and divided the rest among the families to take home. From all accounts, it didn’t last long.

Today we are off to Stratfield Saye, the country home of the Duke of Wellington. It’s only open over Easter Weekend and a few weeks in August, so I was delighted to snag the very last ticket for the week. I hope the officials take pity on us and sell us one more so we can both see the house, Wish us luck! 

Have a safe and Happy Easter, everyone.