Hi everybody, We’re here! It’s us! 

The parent humans call us Marigold and Spencer. We’re ten weeks old. Marigold is on the left. She’s a little bit lighter in colour and a touch smaller than me, Spencer. Mum says I’m more serious.

When we got home, the parents put us in the side hall “to settle in”. I don’t know what that means, but a big dog came and stared at us. His name is Churchill. We didn’t feel very well on the way home in the car, and we both threw up on Mum. She said it was fine but that we’d better take a nap.

Later we got up and found another big dog in the house. Her name is Taylor. She’s very nice, but kind of old. She doesn’t play very much.

We have lots of toys. There’s this rope thing that I can pull on.

Mmmmm. Good and chewy.

Hey – what have you got?

Yummy. It’s a sort of rubbery thing. Chomp, chew.

We can both play with the ropey thing.

It was a very exciting day, and we got sleepy really quickly.

When we got up, it was time for dinner!!! Yeah! We love dinner and breakfast and then dinner again. At least, we do now. When we came home, we ate the same food we had at our first house. It was ok. Little biscuits. I think it’s called kibble. Now we eat something else because Mum said we had runny bums. I don’t know what that means, but we had to go outside a lot. Anyway, now Mum cooks meat and brown rice and mixes them with vegetables. Dad says it’s the same as the big dogs get, but it’s cooked. 

We waited outside while the parents filled up our bowls. 

After eating, we went outside again and played some more.

Then we came inside and kept playing.

Then we had another nap.

A few days later, Mum brought home some new stuff for us. Toys and treats and these funny outfits we both had to wear. Marigold didn’t like hers very much, even though it’s a nice green colour.

Mine is blue. I think it’s better than green.

Marigold was very worried we were going to drown. She said people only put on these things when getting into a boat. She said it was a life jacket.

But it’s not! We wear them to go on a walk like the big dogs. Mum said we are doing very well, even though it’s like walking a kite in a high wind. We try to stay straight, but there is so much to see and sniff!

When we got home, we slept for a long time.

At first, Churchill didn’t seem to like us very much. Taylor was ok, but Mum said Churchie needed to stop pouting. So today, he invited us to play.

We had so much fun! We jumped on him and wrestled.

We tackle him from both sides.

We try not to jump on Taylor because she’s kind of old. She doesn’t growl at us, but she goes into another room and lies down if we get too close.

Everyone is good friends now.

What do you think, Marigold? Are we going to live here forever and ever now?

I think so, Spencer. We might as well snuggle down and relax. We’re home.