Spring on the Cape is a long, drawn-out affair with lots of sea mist and chilly mornings. The daffodils last for weeks, and the fruit trees blossom slowly and luxuriantly, carpeting the streets with fallen petals.

When the flowering cherry trees hit their peak, however, there is no time to waste if you want to capture their glory in a table setting. One heavy spring downpour, and they’re finished. So I hopped to it, snipped some cherry and apple boughs, and brought out Juliska Sketch.

Launched a few years ago to complement their Berry and Thread pattern, scalloped edge Sketch comprises jasmine, cherry blossom, camellia and wisteria flowers, all welcome harbingers of spring. As you can see from this photo from Juliska’s site, there are several serving pieces in addition to dinner plates in the cherry and jasmine patterns.

The cherry pattern is my favourite.

Though the wisteria runs a close second.

Lavender tumblers from Pottery Barn a few years ago reflect the soft shades of creeping phlox in the garden, in addition to the wisteria on the plates. I just wanted to hang around all day and drink in the beauty of spring.

Jasmine is subtle.

Camellia is bold.

Fleeting spring pastels soon vanish into the bolder shades of summer. We are just on the cusp, with the hydrangea bushes poised to burst into bloom.

And speaking of bold, guess who had their first romp on the beach? Marigold took the lead in her little green “lifejacket”. Spencer was a touch more hesitant at first.

But they were soon persuaded to shed their harnesses and head for the water. We had to carry them down the stairs this first time, but they got the hang of it very quickly.

Once their paws hit the sand and Churchill showed them the way, it was fun, fun, fun.

Enjoy the short video clip by clicking on: Marigold and Spencer at the Beach.

Two very tired pups slept for six straight hours when we returned to the house. They were tired!

One last look at our spring table.

Enjoy the week, folks!