It’s back to the workaday world for me this morning; some floral cheer is in order.

Thank heaven for tulips. Inexpensive, long-lasting and readily available, they’re the perfect cure for the January blues.

And speaking of inexpensive, I bought Pioneer Woman’s Collected 6- Piece Salad Plate Set a few years ago, but I see it’s still available at Walmart for about $25.

Featuring a variety of bold patterns and cheerful colours, it hangs together with aqua, red and yellow in common.

I’m not usually a country gal, but the exuberant styling of this set makes me smile.

While it could feature in any number of combinations, I elected to begin with Mikasa Broadway Yellow dinner plates and red gingham napkins. The sunflower napkin rings were from April Cornell’s Attic sale a few years ago, another element in the “cheap and cheerful” category.

The milk bottle salt & peppers are from our old friend Pier 1, also a while ago.

Galvanized jugs hold masses of tulips in red and yellow shades.

And a little white strawberry creamer from Gracie China overflows with luscious strawberries.

What do you think? Feeling more cheerful?

Which one is your favourite plate?

While I like them all, I’m leaning towards the polka-dotted one with the peonies, one of my very favourite flowers.

Isn’t it exciting knowing that the days are getting lighter and the whole floral cycle is about to begin? From snowdrops to daffodils, lilies of the valley and lilacs, peonies, roses, daisies, and hydrangeas before and finishing up with dahlias and chrysanthemums. Have I missed anything?

I wish everyone a wonderful and flower-filled New Year.