All About Roasting by Molly Stevens is a wonderful cookbook, chockfull of helpful advice and wonderful recipes. Flipping through it, I wanted to try everything, right now!  It all looked and sounded so delicious.

Ginger Roast Chicken and Elbow Macaroni With Tomatoes and Pan Sauce is deceptively flavourful. At first glance, it seems kind of ordinary – chicken and pasta – but the richness of the pan sauce, emboldened by a hint of ginger, enchants the palate. A paste of ginger, olive oil, salt & pepper slipped under the skin and into the cavity of the chicken for several hours before roasting infuses the meat, before the roasting process creates a succulently crisp skin. The combination of tomatoes and pan juices results in a rich sauce that clings to the curves of macaroni, or in this case, cavatappi. It’s a perfect meal for a wide range of guests – from adventurous to frustratingly fussy.  Enjoy!