Time for some fun with frolicking animal friends.

Let’s pull out the pumpkins and leaves and indulge in a bit of tablescaping with a combination of animal and fall-themed plates by Pier 1 this year.

We have a Scout the racoon paddling his canoe. 

And Bruce the Highland Cow just hanging around.

And a somewhat flirty looking Marnie the Goat munching on a flower.


And because that’s all she wrote on animals, we’ve added in a pumpkin, too. A blue pumpkin!

The theme is sort of early fall eclectic, with pumpkin vase fillers scattered across the burlap runner, anchored with large lanterns from Pottery Barn a few years ago.

And a pair of naughty racoon salt & peppers joined in the fun.

Here they are, happily waving at us.

Amber stemmed Depression glass in Julia by Tiffin Franciscan joined modern twist Amber glasses from Williams Sonoma a few years ago.

Merletto Aqua by Arte Italica was a good unifying base for the different salad plates. The aqua is discontinued, but one can still get Merletto Antique from Arte Italica. Danieli flatware from World Market picked up the metal tones in the galvanized pumpkin napkin rings and the pewter striped border napkins from Pier 1. The napkins have a nice nubbly texture and are very generously sized.

The blue hydrangea was just beginning to turn that papery texture that heralds the beginning of good drying conditions.

If you catch it at this stage, it dries itself without any trouble at all. 

Pier 1 often does one-offs on salad plates, rather than a set of four, and I thought the grandkids would like the animals. The plates are actually from four different “collections”, though how they sort all that out is beyond me. This guy is an excellent depiction of the Highland Cows we saw in Scotland on a trip a few years ago.

Haven’t they captured the expression perfectly?

Such gentle, shaggy beasts.

Other than the leaves on the plate, the animal theme is really seasonless.

The goat with the flowers would do as well in spring as fall. And the unifying grey across the three animal plates is very season-neutral.


I’m resting my weary bones after the adventures of the last few days and all the cupcake & flower preparation for the wedding. It’s turned cold and rainy here in Canada, though we have nothing to complain about relative to the people in the path of the hurricane working its way up the east coast.  Time to hunker down and do some fall baking, methinks!

Bye now!

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