Now that all the holiday clobber has been stored away, the bones of the house are once again revealed, and a quiet calm prevails. I kind of like the starkness. It reflects the bare trees and muted tones of the landscape outside and provides a chance to appreciate the details of what remains. 

A very simple table, in a muted but cheerful colour scheme, fits right in, starting with the luscious curves and whorls of white parrot tulips. Still tightly closed, they will burst into a peony-like exuberance over the next few days. But for now, they’re silent and closed. Waiting quietly.

I always think they look best massed together in a big bunch. They’re very top heavy, so need quite a lot of support and/or shortened stems. I tie them together in groups of about five and then chop the stems to the appropriate length for whatever container I’ve chosen, a moss-topped fibrous planter in this case. Then I place the bunches to completely fill the container.

The green transferware plate is by IKEA! Whodda thunk? It’s one of only two such pieces they offer in this pattern, ARV, and it’s styled here with their plain white ARV dinner plate. I love the gently curving scalloped edge with several layers of ridging. I discovered it one day before Christmas when I ran into IKEA to pick up some of their marvellous stuffed toys to donate to the toy drive in our neighbourhood.  Ikea’s golden retriever is the favoured stuffy toy of our granddaughter, Maddie, and given how much she treasures Kalamazoo, as he’s called, I figured other kids would love him just as much. So several Kalamazoos, a Bernese Mountain Dog, an elephant, a panda and a few teddies made their way home with me to start their journey into some kid’s arms, perhaps to gain favour as the treasured stuffy.  Who can resist that face? Such a lovely squishy body, too, perfect for napping on.


But back to the table…

The green is an unusual shade, with a restful grey undertone.

It sidled up nicely beside the green Reina lanterns from Pier 1 (new this year, now heavily discounted). 

Small “paper bag” style bowls pitched in as open salts.

And crisp white linen napkins added just a touch of formality for some contrast.

It all just clicked for me. Clean lines, simple colours, with lots of visual texture.

The goblets are antique wheel cut glass. The one on the left is by Webb and the one on the right is by an unknown manufacturer. Despite best efforts by Elise Abrams, we couldn’t lay our hands on the “middle” size of the Webb goblet. We have the port glasses and the big glasses (which we use for wine), but the in-between size proved elusive. I think Mr Unknown holds up his end nicely, though.

Speaking of holding up his end, Someone was lying down on the job. Isn’t he getting big? Not quite as big as his attitude, however! Dundee is one confident cat.

Always sure of his welcome, he inserts himself at every opportunity. His purr is as big as his heart; it announces his entrance into the room, and often we hear him snuggled down with the dogs before we realize he’s joined the crowd on the dog beds. Here, he just jumped up on the plate box to watch me set the table, purring his head off. Melts my heart. 

A fresh start for a New Year.

A couple of bunches of white parrot tulips and my whole outlook changes for the better. 

They just exude cheerfulness. Add in some simple transferware plates and I’m grinning from ear to ear.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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