Food, food, food!

Glorious, scrumptious food.

With the chefs that prepare and present it so triumphantly. Voila!

I couldn’t help but be inspired by these cheeky plates, and set about making a Kugelhopf, one of the celebration breads in which I delight. This one is leans more towards cake than bread, although one uses yeast in the preparation. Muffins strike me as more cake than bread – a similar distinction.

There is all manner of recipes around, so I read a few and settled on this one by David Lebovitz

The cake had a lovely moist crumb and a delicately crispy crust. I used more dried cherries than it called for, as traditional Kugelopf has only one or two per slice (and I’m greedy). I used a bit too much lemon zest, I think, as it was a touch overpowering, but that was me not measuring accurately. 

The remaining table decor was inspired by depictions on the six plates.

Bon Appetit features a towering platter of goodies, including a lobster – I didn’t feel up to wrestling with a lobster and stuck with vegetables. 

I was tickled with the cat in Entrees, Plats, Desserts…

The best part of these kinds of tablescapes is how useful all the centrepiece materials are. We’ve got everything we need to enjoy a brunch with potato leek soup, asparagus frittata and Kugelhopf. Yum.


All of which come together with La grande preparation.

Fortunately, we have lots of eager helpers, including the chef with the salt and pepper.

The dinner plates are open kitchen Bistro by Williams Sonoma. The set of six French Chef salad plates are also by Williams Sonoma but long discontinued. These were an eBay find.

I love the way they capture the happy insouciance of the French approach to food preparation and enjoyment.

The napkins are from Pier 1 a couple of years ago; I’ve had the pewter “spoon” napkin rings for a long time. Etsy is a good source for similar ones.

The vintage cobalt glass candlesticks and curved edge compote are from eBay.

Bon Appetit!

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