Gobble, gobble!  

This set of eight red turkey plates came my way about fifteen years ago, from a junky little store in Toronto. I was out grocery shopping, and the plates were sitting in the window, surrounded with all manner of detritus. A jewel among junk. A little caught off guard, I hesitated over them, and almost gave them a miss.

I didn’t want red, you see. I was in the early stages of collecting and had visions of blue, brown, or even green turkey plates, but red? 

Well, it turns out that red is rather a good idea! 

Williams Sonoma seemed to think so when they issued this red glass turkey compote about ten years ago. I could see it was just the thing for my red gobbler plates, so picked it up.

A little later, I acquired the antique red Venetian goblets and the small modern tea lights and it all began to come together.

The red patchwork quilt is from Bed, Bath and Beyond, this year, deeply discounted.  I originally bought it to use as a snuggle blanket in our basement for when little girls want to curl up and watch TV, or build a tent. Quilts make lovely tents. 🙂 The other side of the quilt is solid, in one of the small prints used in the patches. It will also be very attractive as a background for table settings and will likely get a lot of use.

I’ve had these napkins for years, as well. We picked them up in Bermuda, of all places, when on vacation one year. There is a matching tablecloth for those more formal occasions.

I went with plain white, ruffled edge open salts as there was a lot of colour going on everywhere else.

Limelight hydrangeas from the garden carried on the plain white theme. The touch of pale green is a lovely counterpoint to the deep reds.

The base of the compote has a cute little dolphin, very typical of  Venetian glass.

The flatware is part of a bakelite handled canteen set I bought many years ago from Country Dining Room Antiques. 

The blue polychrome version is also by Enoch Woods. The pattern looks very similar, doesn’t it? I believe they’re both from the early 1900s. 

If anyone is interested, Replacements has put together a compilation of vintage and modern turkey plates currently on offer. Among others, there is a brown polychrome version of the Enoch Woods plates, and some interesting choices I’ve never seen before. Check it out!

Sadly, porch weather is pretty much over, for this year, I think. I’m glad we have pictures to remember the warmer days until we meet again for meals on the porch.

Speaking of which, I’m sharing this post with Between Naps on the Porch.