Sologne by Gien is described as  “… a complete dinner service named for the Sologne region in France where game is abundant. Gien Sologne features various motifs that capture and celebrate game animals from the Sologne.”    

It’s a deceptively complex pattern, with layers of detail in soft, earthy tones with a hint of blue-grey in the reeds and grasses that decorate the outer edges of the plates.

The dessert plates are a very generous 9.25″ and feature ten different types of game, and an additional six hunting dogs. So far I’ve confined myself to the ten game plates, but the dogs are very tempting. We had a relatively small crowd this year for our Thanksgiving dinner, so the game plates fit the bill nicely.

These little rusty wagon place card holders are from Pottery Barn a few years ago. 

I printed off individual pictures of everyone on plain card stock and used them as place cards. The matte texture of the paper gave the pictures a hazy vintage feel.

They were a bit hit with the little ones, who dashed eagerly into the dining room to see where they were sitting and what animal they had at their place.


Our granddaughter Juliana is crazy about ducks, and was delighted to find her picture at the duck place setting.

For large family dinners, we extend the table out to its fullest length, which is 120″. With all the kids, dogs, fun and excitement I prefer to use the fitted table pad to protect the table top, and that necessitates a tablecloth. While it’s practical, the vinyl cover on the table pad is not what you’d call attractive…

Very few runners are long enough for a 10′ table, so I employed a long piece of burlap for the centrepiece. 

A bark edged shallow box filled with chrysanthemums, small gourds, pumpkins and moss covered grapevine balls provided some colour.

Amber Luster triple tea light holders in a climbing vine pattern from Pier 1 (currently on clearance!) and more chrysanthemums in bark covered glass vases continued the theme down the length of the table.

Harvest Wreath bittersweet napkin holders from Pier 1 added more colour.  They’re a bit delicate, but I really like them. The napkins are Acorn Harvest jacquard from Williams Sonoma. 

The grey detail in the napkins picks up on the grey blue in the plates.

I realize I forgot to take a picture of the dinner plate itself, but as you can see from the edges showing under the dessert plates, it features intricate etching of grasses and reeds in soft brown and grey shades.

My collection of amber glassware is a bit of a motley collection.

I have ten of the Morgantown pattern # 716 amber stemmed wine glasses (actually they’re water glasses, but I use them as wine) in two different etches. I have four of the matching iced tea glasses in etch #36 and six iced tea glasses from the Julia pattern by Tiffin Franciscan. As we had little ones at the table as well, I added some tortoiseshell tumblers from Pier 1 for their settings. Mix and match, but they coordinated.


Twig placemats from a very long time ago and vintage bakelite handled cutlery from a large canteen set I have were the underpinnings for the place settings.


The pewter salt & pepper shakers are from Vagabond House.


It was a lovely evening and everyone ate until they burst – typical Thanksgiving. We had our family dinner in late September, even earlier than the “already-early-to-Americans” scheduled date of the second Monday in October. 

It’s only a couple of weeks to American Thanksgiving and the usual jumble of leftover Hallowe’en, autumn themed and Christmas goods are pushing store shelves to bursting. It’s a very confusing time of year from a decor perspective!

I’m sticking with fall for a bit longer. We have guests coming for dinner tomorrow evening and I’m at a bit of a loss to know what to choose. Pink hydrangea are still blooming in the garden and I’m tempted to press them into service. Not exactly fall colours, but I can probably do something with them – maybe with forest greens.  Hmmm… Stay tuned!

Have a good weekend everyone.

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