Happy Friday, everyone! It’s the first weekend in December – let the festivities begin!  Before we get into full celebratory and prep mode, however, I’d like to give you a little update on Ghosts in the Web Machinery.

My dear husband, Glenn, glanced at me absently this morning and asked if I was taking a break from blogging. “I saw that one you published with Kirsten’s plates and the trees, but haven’t seen any since.” he elaborated. A vague feeling of uneasiness came over me. Glenn subscribes to the site, so he should have received four more blogs since that one. Namely, these:

Operation Calming Clementine

Pilgrim’s Progress


Sticky Toffee Trifle


A Teddy Table

I sent a quick note off to my web designer, Mary (also a subscriber). and she confirmed she hadn’t received any since late November, either. A bit of investigation revealed that the subscriber link on WordPress had been turned off. She hadn’t done it, I hadn’t done it. It’s a mystery, folks! Perhaps an upgrade to WordPress with unintended effects? Or a Ghost in the Web Machinery?

It’s fixed now. We took the opportunity to add a Blog link to the menu bar on the site, so readers can access the most recent blogs all in one place. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone!